Thursday, November 3, 2011

The babies are growing! New Animals on the Farm!

The babies are growing. So fluffy and cute! So we have several different breeds available in several weeks - dwarf hotot, french lop, holland lop, harlequin, and english angora. If you want to know more about the breeds it is on my website.

Petunia, the american guinea hog pig, has come to live with us! Check out the Animal Therapy page on my website to see pictures of her going to nursing homes and assisted living residences!
LilyMae is a southdown babydoll sheep. So cute with her furry face and her short little body!

Come out to the farm on a field trip, just to ride the horses, or for a party. Our animals are always ready to party here or away with you.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pics of the NEW babies!!!

Here are pics of the new babies that we have. Of course this is only a sampling of the babies. We have babies that will be ready in 7 weeks in French lops, Holland lops, english angoras, dwarf hotots, and harlequins. You can put deposits down on the babies and get them in 7 weeks - the week after Thanksgiving they will be ready to go.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stacy's Greenhouses Event with pictures!

It was a busy entertaining weekend! We were at Stacy's Greenhouses for 9 hours this weekend for the fall event with all our different breeds of bunnies and several breeds of chickens. We met a lot of nice people who were astonished at our different breeds of bunnies and the fuzzy, calm chickens! My son is enjoying showing off his rare breeds of chickens and answering everyone's questions.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy on the farm and with events away from the farm!

We have been very busy both here on the farm and away from the farm. We have added 2 mini silky fainting goats. They are too cute. I need to get some good pictures of them. They are black and white. One is Spottydotty and the other one is Polkadot! I like them a lot better than I thought I would and so do my kids.

We had a large homeschool group field trip at our place last week. It went real smooth and looking at the pictures that Robin took everyone had a good time. is the link to the pictures. We had lots of things for everyone to do. Horse rides, Tidbit the mini was being led by the kids and adults, the bunnies, the chickens, the mini goats, crafts in the party house, playing in the clubhouse, playing horse shoes and toss the bean bag game, climbing trees and swinging on rope swings! It was a busy field trip but yes we did keep everyone busy at one time!

Sine we are officially a farm now with my array of animals we have a new name!

Last week we had BABY BUNNIES! They are doing well. We had baby holland lops, french lops, english angoras, and new zealands. Today at the nursing home they loved seeing the babies.

We have been busy doing large events. Last week we were at OakRidge Dental Clinic. We had 3 different areas going at one time - bunnies for people to hold and pat, horse rides, and Tidbit carting people around.

We are adding new animals so keep watching for which animal is next! We also are going to adopt out several of our bunnies to make room and time for other animals. We have some english angoras, french lops,and our new zealands available.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Now you can't tell me bunnies don't bring smiles to some elderly people. We enjoy taking the bunnies to the nursing homes and assisted living places.

We have a new website for our farm We are adding more animals in the next couple weeks. Can you guess what they are? They are some rare animals. I would like to see what people come up with.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Saturday we had another party at our place. Yes it is work for us but we really do enjoy doing parties for others. Looking at the pictures just makes me smile. The kids and adults had plenty to do to have a good time. Notice that even the adults got to ride King!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I finally did a large update on my website. We added a Bunny Boutique store for all the bunny items we have accumulated through the years. We split the Bunny Boutique up in 2 different stores - 1 for bunny accessories cages, water bottles and crocks, clothing, etc. and 1 for the bunny lover unique bunny items, some new and some vintage.

The only bunnies that we have available for adoption right now are some holland lops and new zealands. In a couple weeks we will have some dwarf hotots ready to go. You can put a deposit on them.

Working on our little farm keeps us all very busy. We have 3 horses and my daughter shows children how to groom, saddle up and ride King. So if you want to come out and ride just let us know. My son has his chickens in several breeds that he is looking to expand. He loves his chickens. He is in the process of building his own website. He sells eggs. He also has his garden and sells the veggies out of that. My daughter now sews the bunny leashes that are so cute with coordinating ribbon so people can walk their new bunny. Having responsibility and making money for working are all part of growing up. We do homeschool here and schooling isn't just about book work although both of them are exceling at their studies.

Field trips and horse rides have been a big success. We get people from hours and hours around come for a field trip. Our longest one was a family that traveled 5 hours to get here. We made it worth their while and did a 3 hour field trip. Including all the animals - bunnies, horse rides, chickens, and dogs! Call us if you would like to schedule a field trip.

If you desire, when you come out for a party at our place, my son brings his different breeds of chickens out for everyone to pet. He has them totally tamed up.

We are going to be at quite a few large events this fall and we are still doing parties at our place. Check us also out at!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bunnies available

We have a fuzzy holland lop available, a netherland dwarf, several tort (brown) and broken tort (brown and white) holland lops, english angoras and some that are a little cheaper for adoption because they look like english angora lops because in the heat wave they decided not to hold their ears up, and a couple french lops. All are young and at least 8 weeks old and ready to go to their adoption homes.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Babies ready to go- English angoras and french lops

We have baby - 8 weeks old (they have to be 8 weeks old in the state of NC and SC to leave)- English Angoras and French Lops ready to leave! We also have some young holland lops and 1 mini rex (velveteen) ready to be adopted. All the breeds are sweet, just totally different from each other, so we have a bunny to please everyone!

We want to do a tea party for someone. Tea Parties are so much fun and pretty. So it doesn't matter if you are young or older, give us a call so we can have you and your friends come for a tea party!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy Bunny week last week!

We went to 2 elderly care facilities this past week with the bunnies. As you can see in the pictures, the residents love the bunnies. It really is rewarding to see the joy in their eyes. The bunnies like to be patted as well so everyone is happy. Bonnie, the english lop, hops around everyone's wheelchair. We even took babies that were only a couple days old so everyone could see them.

Happy people, Happy bunnies, life is good!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Working hard on the farm!

Seems like there is always some project to do here that requires physical labor. The animals enjoy the kids and I being outside working all day long. King and Tidbit stand right next to us along with the 2 dogs and 9 chickens! We have an audience when we work and if we get out of line the chickens start squalking! My son was very pleased with getting 5 eggs again today. He sure does take pride in taking care of his chickens. They follow him around and now try to follow Shauna and I around and we are none to pleased about that!

The baby english angoras, dwarf hotots, holland lops, netherland dwarfs, and french lops are looking as cute as ever. Each breed is cute in their own way. We enjoy having several different breeds that we have babies with. We don't breed all 10 breeds that we have. Shauna, especially, plays and loves on the baby bunnies.

This Sat. is the event we are hosting here for a 2 year old cancer patient. She isn't going to be able to attend but we are trying to help the family raise money to pay for medical bills. It is at 1 pm so you all are free to come by. We have lots of special events planned.

During the summer months if you and your kids get bored and have nothing to do - come ride a horse! Hey moms and dads you can also ride. So come out and do something different. It will be a family memory!

We load them up to go to the elderly care facility again tomorrow. That is the 2nd time this week they are going out to meet the senior citizens. Bonnie, the english lop, hops all over around the wheel chairs. Buddy scotch, french lop, rubs his scent on the wheels of the wheelchairs! Both are large breed bunnies and the people just have an absolute fit seeing them hop all over! The elderly really melt my heart. Sweet old great grandmas will take my daughter and my hands and say "thank you for coming. You just made my day. I look forward to your coming every month". They made my day by being so sweet and appreciative. The moral of the story is to let someone every day know how much you appreciate them - including our animals.

Friday, June 10, 2011

life on the farm...

Yesterday, my son was very happy.... 5 eggs in one day from his chickens. Now if all 9 of them were laying we would be doing good. Problem is that 2 of them we were lied to about them. Just like in the bunnies we found out it pays to go to an honest reputable breeder. The other ones we bought from up in Cherryville and we are very pleased with them. My son sure takes care of his chickens. Me - I am not a bird person but a bunny person.

The horses, King and Tidbit, are doing fine. I need to post pictures of Shauna and I driving Tidbit in the cart. He does such a good job and it is fun to sit in the cart. Shauna loves to ride King bareback. He is such a sweet calm horse. I even caught Bill feeding King a peach off our peach tree tonight.

My son has been working hard in his garden. The vegtables are really coming along good. He does a good job in his garden.

Shauna does her jobs with the horses and helps more with the bunnies. It really does help kids to give them responsibilities and chores.

My son now has it in his head that he wants an ostrich!! I don't think so but as soon as I say no it will probably happen. I said no to horses and no to chickens.

Bear, the great pyrenees is a good watch dog. The other night she was barking and barking. Nearly drove me crazy. Next day the neighbor called and said be careful there is a very very large dog roaming around. She also barks to let me know that a baby has fallen out of the nesting box and through the cage onto the ground. What a good puppy.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Somerville Guardian Angels working over time

My son and some of his special pets! William has gone to the birds. Yes chickens. He loves his 9 chickens. He takes care of them and pats them. We are averaging 1 to 2 eggs a day and he is so excited.

Last night it started with Shauna and I coming back with the truck on interstate 85 when all of a sudden the truck died! I was in the lane several lanes over from the stopping side. People would not let me over and I was going slower and slower. Very scary. I said a prayer and all of a sudden there was a clear path for me to get off the road! Thank God that Bill was able to come and help us to get home.

As soon as we got home we realized that the gate to the chickens and bunnies was open. We were very nervous and we headed into the woods to look for the escaped chickens. 3 of them had gone around back and were trying to get back into their cage but the chain link fence was in the way. William was able to just pick them up and plop them in their cage. 1 chicken was still missing and we looked everywhere. 6:10 this am when Bear woke me up - there was the chicken back in the pen just like it had always been there. Bless William's heart that he had prayed that God would help him find his chicken and God did. I think Bear is still to much of a puppy and would want to play with them so I have no earthly clue how they all were able to make it.

The bunnies are doing fine and growing healthy. Parrotgirls baby came out of the nesting box tonight and fell on the ground. Bear saw it and started pawing at the fence (she was outside) and barking. She alerted me to look and see what was going on and sure enough there was the baby on the ground in danger of being hurt by the chickens. I scooped the baby up and gave it back to mama.

All I can say is God is good and watches out for us!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Babies in several breeds...

We have some sweet babies in several breeds that are going to be ready to leave May 29. Some have deposits on them but we just had several mama's have babies yesterday and today so if you don't get your bunny this time it will be available shortly. We have available french lops, holland lops, english angoras, new zealands in several colors, and californians. We have been very busy taking care of all the new babies. Making sure the mama's feed them.

We have had a lot of happy comments from the babies that have left recently. The families just love them and are surprised at what great family pets they are. Someone wrote thanking us for the english angora - Merlin- they have had for a year already and what a sweetie he is. We do work very hard with the bunnies - more than people would imagine- so we really appreciate the nice comments. We even get up in the middle of the night to check on the mama's and the babies.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The unexpected generousity!!

Today a family came to see their french lop baby bunny that they have a deposit on. They couldn't believe how cute the french lop baby is and how pretty the color is. When they left they gave my daughter, Shauna, a box of cupcakes!! Now these cupcakes are the cupcakes of all cupcakes. Shauna and I were sharing the peanut butter cupcake and the chocolate one. Delicious! The unexpected generousity is greatly appreciated.

The bunnies are doing well. They love this nice weather we have been having. The babies are growing like weeds. 2 days ago we had some more babies born. So we have babies in dwarf hotots, french lop, holland lops, new zealands, californians, and english angoras.

Yesterday we had angora grooming afternoon! It is a festive time around here when we harvest the angora fiber. We had 2 families come over for the afternoon and help pull the angoras. We have some lovely fiber from the angoras. The one family that comes to help each time really helps us out grooming the bunnies so I give her some fiber. They have learned how as a homeschool family to take the raw fiber and spin it into something beautiful. The son and daugter both know how to knit and crochet.
On June 18th come out and support a family whose 2 year old daughter has cancer. They have a lot of medical bills so we are having a benefit for them. It will be lots of fun and you do not have to know the family in order to come. Everyone is invited. More information is on her website above.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Season 2011

It has been a blessed Easter season 2011! Yes we have been on the road constantly meeting the public and also (and sometimes) at the same time hosting events and field trips at our place! My family and Lois, my friend, who I had to hire since I can't be in 2 places at one time, have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the children and adults and showing you our sweet bunnies and horses. Our bunnies have literally been in thousands of pictures this Easter Season - some professionally taken by Greg Briley at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens and also Rick Haithcox at The Buttercup in downtown Charlotte - and other pictures at children's events and nursing homes.

Yes Lois and my family are exhausted from all the adventures but it is a contented exhaustion because I remember all the cute little children dressed in their Easter best, the cameras clinging to the parents as they are saying "pat the bunny, look up here, smile!", all the questions we answered about bunnies from the young and old (some of the questions from the children I answered very etiquitely)Ha!, and the elderly holding and patting the bunnies as they are laying in beds or sitting in their wheelchairs.

Remember the Reason for the Season! Jesus died on the cross for our sins. It is a free gift of salvation. All you have to do is accept the gift - the gift of eternal life in Heaven. Yes Jesus is the only way to heaven. Like it says in the Bible - Jesus said - I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. celebrates year round with parties! We have 3 pony and bunny parties this coming weekend at our house!

See you at the party!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Parties, Parties, and more Parties!!

We - the bunnies, the horses, and my family - have enjoyed meeting you all at the many events that we have been invited to lately and the events taking place at our place. The smiles on the young and old make it all worth the work!

We have been to birthday parties, neighborhood events, nursing homes, church events, Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, and many other places. Next Saturday we are going to be at Stacey's Greenhouses in York, SC among other places! We have enjoyed also doing many parties here at our newly remodeled large Party House. The Party House is air conditioned so don't be afraid to book in the heat of the summer. If you party at my place you get both horses, the bunnies, plus we provide everything for the kids at the party including cupcakes, drinks, and crafts! We make it easy on the parents.

Whether coming for a field trip or a party to our PonyAndBunnyParties Place come out and see us and our furry friends!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It has been extremely busy around here lately. Always a major project going on. The bunnies keep us hopping. This past weekend William and I built nesting boxes for the mama bunnies. Life around here on the bunny farm with the 2 horses is a learning experience that is why we are in our 2nd year of homeschooling! We do stay busy going places and learning different things. For those of you who have questions about homeschooling please feel free to email me.

The bunnies are all doing fine. Enjoying being outside in this nice weather we are having. A lot of them know their name. They are quite the charming bunnies. Each with their own personality. We really do enjoy all 10 breeds of bunnies that we have - netherland dwarf, holland lop, dwarf hotot, french lop, english angora, mini rex, english lop, flemish giant, californian, and new zealand. Don't forget the 2 horses and the 2 dogs!

The bunnies and the horses are going to have a very busy social life the next 2 months. They told me to tell you that they are looking forward to meeting you. The bunnies just want to be patted but the horses have requested apples!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New pictures of our sweet great pyrenees and the bunnies!

GOOD NEWS! Bear's mama is in heat and probably pregnant. I am training Bear to pull a cart. I got a very small wagon to start with but she has grown so much that the wagon is to small so I am looking for another wagon. She is a totally different dog than our cocker spaniel. In fact I trust Bear like last weekend when we had around 50 people here for a party to be in the middle of the party and we lock Sweetie up. The guard dog aspect is just kicking in. Yesterday she started barking and looking in the direction. She wouldn't leave until I asked her What is it? and followed her. I told her it was ok and she was fine with it. A very loyal and faithful dog who is trained to go in the bunny house with us.

We have french lop babies and several dwarf hotot babies ready to go right now. In several weeks we will have a wide variety of english angora colors ready to adopt.

Plan some time to come out for a field trip to our place and ride the horse!