Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The unexpected generousity!!

Today a family came to see their french lop baby bunny that they have a deposit on. They couldn't believe how cute the french lop baby is and how pretty the color is. When they left they gave my daughter, Shauna, a box of cupcakes!! Now these cupcakes are the cupcakes of all cupcakes. Shauna and I were sharing the peanut butter cupcake and the chocolate one. Delicious! The unexpected generousity is greatly appreciated.

The bunnies are doing well. They love this nice weather we have been having. The babies are growing like weeds. 2 days ago we had some more babies born. So we have babies in dwarf hotots, french lop, holland lops, new zealands, californians, and english angoras.

Yesterday we had angora grooming afternoon! It is a festive time around here when we harvest the angora fiber. We had 2 families come over for the afternoon and help pull the angoras. We have some lovely fiber from the angoras. The one family that comes to help each time really helps us out grooming the bunnies so I give her some fiber. They have learned how as a homeschool family to take the raw fiber and spin it into something beautiful. The son and daugter both know how to knit and crochet.
On June 18th come out and support a family whose 2 year old daughter has cancer. They have a lot of medical bills so we are having a benefit for them. It will be lots of fun and you do not have to know the family in order to come. Everyone is invited. More information is on her website above.

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