Friday, June 10, 2011

life on the farm...

Yesterday, my son was very happy.... 5 eggs in one day from his chickens. Now if all 9 of them were laying we would be doing good. Problem is that 2 of them we were lied to about them. Just like in the bunnies we found out it pays to go to an honest reputable breeder. The other ones we bought from up in Cherryville and we are very pleased with them. My son sure takes care of his chickens. Me - I am not a bird person but a bunny person.

The horses, King and Tidbit, are doing fine. I need to post pictures of Shauna and I driving Tidbit in the cart. He does such a good job and it is fun to sit in the cart. Shauna loves to ride King bareback. He is such a sweet calm horse. I even caught Bill feeding King a peach off our peach tree tonight.

My son has been working hard in his garden. The vegtables are really coming along good. He does a good job in his garden.

Shauna does her jobs with the horses and helps more with the bunnies. It really does help kids to give them responsibilities and chores.

My son now has it in his head that he wants an ostrich!! I don't think so but as soon as I say no it will probably happen. I said no to horses and no to chickens.

Bear, the great pyrenees is a good watch dog. The other night she was barking and barking. Nearly drove me crazy. Next day the neighbor called and said be careful there is a very very large dog roaming around. She also barks to let me know that a baby has fallen out of the nesting box and through the cage onto the ground. What a good puppy.

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