Saturday, April 9, 2011

Parties, Parties, and more Parties!!

We - the bunnies, the horses, and my family - have enjoyed meeting you all at the many events that we have been invited to lately and the events taking place at our place. The smiles on the young and old make it all worth the work!

We have been to birthday parties, neighborhood events, nursing homes, church events, Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, and many other places. Next Saturday we are going to be at Stacey's Greenhouses in York, SC among other places! We have enjoyed also doing many parties here at our newly remodeled large Party House. The Party House is air conditioned so don't be afraid to book in the heat of the summer. If you party at my place you get both horses, the bunnies, plus we provide everything for the kids at the party including cupcakes, drinks, and crafts! We make it easy on the parents.

Whether coming for a field trip or a party to our PonyAndBunnyParties Place come out and see us and our furry friends!

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