Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Working hard on the farm!

Seems like there is always some project to do here that requires physical labor. The animals enjoy the kids and I being outside working all day long. King and Tidbit stand right next to us along with the 2 dogs and 9 chickens! We have an audience when we work and if we get out of line the chickens start squalking! My son was very pleased with getting 5 eggs again today. He sure does take pride in taking care of his chickens. They follow him around and now try to follow Shauna and I around and we are none to pleased about that!

The baby english angoras, dwarf hotots, holland lops, netherland dwarfs, and french lops are looking as cute as ever. Each breed is cute in their own way. We enjoy having several different breeds that we have babies with. We don't breed all 10 breeds that we have. Shauna, especially, plays and loves on the baby bunnies.

This Sat. is the event we are hosting here for a 2 year old cancer patient. She isn't going to be able to attend but we are trying to help the family raise money to pay for medical bills. It is at 1 pm so you all are free to come by. We have lots of special events planned.

During the summer months if you and your kids get bored and have nothing to do - come ride a horse! Hey moms and dads you can also ride. So come out and do something different. It will be a family memory!

We load them up to go to the elderly care facility again tomorrow. That is the 2nd time this week they are going out to meet the senior citizens. Bonnie, the english lop, hops all over around the wheel chairs. Buddy scotch, french lop, rubs his scent on the wheels of the wheelchairs! Both are large breed bunnies and the people just have an absolute fit seeing them hop all over! The elderly really melt my heart. Sweet old great grandmas will take my daughter and my hands and say "thank you for coming. You just made my day. I look forward to your coming every month". They made my day by being so sweet and appreciative. The moral of the story is to let someone every day know how much you appreciate them - including our animals.

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