Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy on the farm and with events away from the farm!

We have been very busy both here on the farm and away from the farm. We have added 2 mini silky fainting goats. They are too cute. I need to get some good pictures of them. They are black and white. One is Spottydotty and the other one is Polkadot! I like them a lot better than I thought I would and so do my kids.

We had a large homeschool group field trip at our place last week. It went real smooth and looking at the pictures that Robin took everyone had a good time. is the link to the pictures. We had lots of things for everyone to do. Horse rides, Tidbit the mini was being led by the kids and adults, the bunnies, the chickens, the mini goats, crafts in the party house, playing in the clubhouse, playing horse shoes and toss the bean bag game, climbing trees and swinging on rope swings! It was a busy field trip but yes we did keep everyone busy at one time!

Sine we are officially a farm now with my array of animals we have a new name!

Last week we had BABY BUNNIES! They are doing well. We had baby holland lops, french lops, english angoras, and new zealands. Today at the nursing home they loved seeing the babies.

We have been busy doing large events. Last week we were at OakRidge Dental Clinic. We had 3 different areas going at one time - bunnies for people to hold and pat, horse rides, and Tidbit carting people around.

We are adding new animals so keep watching for which animal is next! We also are going to adopt out several of our bunnies to make room and time for other animals. We have some english angoras, french lops,and our new zealands available.

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