Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Starting New....

Yes I deleted the blog and decided to start all over! Fresh start and fresh babies!

Saturday we were blessed with 3 dwarf hotot babies and they are all doing well. This a.m. bright and early we were blessed with 3 more. The dwarf hotots are so rare, designer looking, and have nice personalities.

We also have holland lop available to adopt and some that are babies and will be ready to go in several weeks. The english angora babies will be ready to go at the same time.

There is always something to do working with the bunnies and the horses. We have King, a full size horse, and Tidbit, a 30" high mini horse. Both boys are really nice horses. Nice horses just grow on you and they are like big dogs.

Field trips out to our place have been keeping all of us busy! The animals like the entertainment that you bring out here. I think sometimes that they think that you all are the animals! Ha! Email us to book a time to come out and see the bunny house and take rides on the horses!

Just want to come out and ride horses? We have the horses and the land so come out and just get away from it all and enjoy nature. Very reasonable rates since we do not give "professional grade horse jumping" lessons. If your child just wants to ride and learn how to groom and put on a saddle besides some other things, email us.

Events and Parties with the horses and bunnies have been fun for everyone! We do them at our place or yours. We customize them to each child's or adult's desire. Let us plan a party or event for you that you won't forget!

We went to the nursing home with the bunnies today. We had bunnies hopping everywhere and bunnies sitting on people's laps! When we go to nursing homes, we take pictures of the residents holding onto the bunnies. The people really enjoy the bunnies. You should see them kissing and hugging the bunnies.