Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New pictures of our sweet great pyrenees and the bunnies!

GOOD NEWS! Bear's mama is in heat and probably pregnant. I am training Bear to pull a cart. I got a very small wagon to start with but she has grown so much that the wagon is to small so I am looking for another wagon. She is a totally different dog than our cocker spaniel. In fact I trust Bear like last weekend when we had around 50 people here for a party to be in the middle of the party and we lock Sweetie up. The guard dog aspect is just kicking in. Yesterday she started barking and looking in the direction. She wouldn't leave until I asked her What is it? and followed her. I told her it was ok and she was fine with it. A very loyal and faithful dog who is trained to go in the bunny house with us.

We have french lop babies and several dwarf hotot babies ready to go right now. In several weeks we will have a wide variety of english angora colors ready to adopt.

Plan some time to come out for a field trip to our place and ride the horse!

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