Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Somerville Guardian Angels working over time

My son and some of his special pets! William has gone to the birds. Yes chickens. He loves his 9 chickens. He takes care of them and pats them. We are averaging 1 to 2 eggs a day and he is so excited.

Last night it started with Shauna and I coming back with the truck on interstate 85 when all of a sudden the truck died! I was in the lane several lanes over from the stopping side. People would not let me over and I was going slower and slower. Very scary. I said a prayer and all of a sudden there was a clear path for me to get off the road! Thank God that Bill was able to come and help us to get home.

As soon as we got home we realized that the gate to the chickens and bunnies was open. We were very nervous and we headed into the woods to look for the escaped chickens. 3 of them had gone around back and were trying to get back into their cage but the chain link fence was in the way. William was able to just pick them up and plop them in their cage. 1 chicken was still missing and we looked everywhere. 6:10 this am when Bear woke me up - there was the chicken back in the pen just like it had always been there. Bless William's heart that he had prayed that God would help him find his chicken and God did. I think Bear is still to much of a puppy and would want to play with them so I have no earthly clue how they all were able to make it.

The bunnies are doing fine and growing healthy. Parrotgirls baby came out of the nesting box tonight and fell on the ground. Bear saw it and started pawing at the fence (she was outside) and barking. She alerted me to look and see what was going on and sure enough there was the baby on the ground in danger of being hurt by the chickens. I scooped the baby up and gave it back to mama.

All I can say is God is good and watches out for us!

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